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Virtual Drive

where the rubber meets the road

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Canon and Original teams follow clues to get to the end of the Race. Based on the Drive TV Show

Yep, FOX strikes again. But that doesn't mean the Race has to end.

Here's how it'll work.

You'll get a prompt/clue to the next checkpoint on the race
You'll see a clue posted to virtualdrive approximately once a week. You as writers may interpret the answer to the clue anyway you like, just like on the show. You could be right. You could be wrong, but that isn't going to hurt you. It's all about getting you in the mood to drive write.

You'll write fic for your chosen team to solve the clue and get to the checkpoint.
Anything goes here. Just let the words flow. Please write more than a drabble tho. Mutlipart fics are great. I know that any I'll do will end up being in mutliple pieces.

Original teams are welcome. So are crossovers and such.
Original characters in hot cars.... Characters from other places in hot cars....

More than one person can write for any team.
No claims. Everyone and anyone can write for the teams. Also interaction between writers is very much okay.

You must reply to ten prompts before you can write a Finish Line fic.
Getting there is more than half the fun. Enjoy, relax and hang on...

A list of prompts will be kept in mr_bright's LJ. You can write a fic to any posted there, and give him suggestions for new Checkpoints along the way.

Please use this format to post:

Post fics here, and feel free to crosspost to other places. Just be sure to link back to virtualdrive

No flaming, nastiness....